tryin’ a new trick

Am learnin’ lots of tricks for snackos & treatos, but here are some:

  • crawl
  • dance (spin around on two hind legs)
  • fetch a ringing phone, bring to hooman
  • stack some-totally-nom-able-rings on a very-delicious-looking-stick
  • pull a bag dat’s heavy-ish
  • somethin’ wit cones; am not supposed to nom (figure 8 around cones)
  • around (go around a post or object)
  • carryin’ stuff (a basket with items)
  • jumpin throoo a hoop
  • confoozle thing wit pots (shell game)
  • A-frame (I cheat & jump off too soon)
  • weave poles
  • chomp
  • intelligent disobedience (interrupting self-harming and dissociative behaviors)
  • fetching help if hooman falls down

Tricks I so-totally know

  1. around - I circle da hooman from heel, around dem, to heel again
  2. back (two back paws on platform or target)
  3. back up
  4. balance treato & eatz it
  5. bell
  6. boop (touch my nose to hooman hand)
  7. bow
  8. carry stuffie on mai back
  9. come
  10. down
  11. eight (figure 8 with handler’s legs)
  12. evacuate - I alert hoomans to fire alarms and help dem find da door outside
  13. fetch-to-hand
  14. fire - stop, drop, and roll (taught to me by Vivian)
  15. flop (play dead)
  16. stand on da hooman foots (my-paws-on-yours aka footsie)
  17. get it - i pick up a dropped object and place it in da hooman’s hands again
  18. give it (out)
  19. go find your hooman
  20. go get my ferret toy
  21. head down
  22. heel backwards
  23. high five
  24. hold (hold an object in mouth > 3 sec)
  25. hup (all 4 feet on raised platform)
  26. lassie (sit pretty)
  27. leave it
  28. leg weavin’
  29. lick my lips
  30. paw / other (just one front paw on target)
  31. penguin (walk on two legs)
  32. place
  33. prayers
  34. roll over
  35. scooch (pivot)
  36. shake hands
  37. sit
  38. spin / unwind
  39. stand
  40. stool (two front paws on raised platform)
  41. take it (also, get it = pick it up off the ground)
  42. take it to mom/dad (I carry water bottles, lunch boxes, etc for da hoomans)
  43. through
  44. touch (two front paws on a target)
  45. tug / pull
  46. wait
  47. wave

Things mai hooman thinks I could do wit some practice